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The Mastermind

July - November 2023

group coaching, peer to peer feedback, & One on one education to help you level up your wedding photography business


I was just beginning my career in the wedding industry when I met Cameron and Tia. They were photographers at an event I was working, and they brought so much authentic positivity to the day, I knew right away there was something special about them!

We stayed in contact and a few months later, I learned of The Mastermind program. I was just getting my feet wet with my own business as a side hustle, feeling the classic overwhelmed emotion of committing to my content and putting myself out there with confidence. I joined The Mastermind and it completely changed my entire perspective on my business in the every way! Cameron and Tia completely immersed themselves into this small group, sharing their own experiences to teach us all invaluable skills to building our wedding businesses. They introduced us to other successful business owners in the industry who provided their own perspectives and tips. They provided me with SO much confidence, accountability, and tools!

Within one month of our first Mastermind call, I had the ambition to go live with my website and social media sites, and I have continued to grow my business with their continued support through weekly check-ins and group calls. Honestly, I have never felt so understood and supported in a group of other wedding entrepreneurs.

I am forever grateful for Cameron and Tia!! 

If you are looking for some valuable expertise, honest guidance, and mentorship in your business, you HAVE to connect with these two. It will change your life you guys!! Not to mention –they’re pretty dang fun :)

- Andrea

 Through The Mastermind, I’ve learned from a successful duo on how they run their businesses. Not only have I learned HOW they run their businesses but I’ve learned HOW they grow them too. The Mastermind also introduced me to lifelong friends. Each week we set goals and keep each other accountable. We encourage each other, support one another, and help each other solve problems that occur from time-to-time. Each week we check in with each other by video - asking questions, sharing tips for things that worked and things that didn’t, and we share how we’re achieving our BIG goals. 

The Mastermind is lead by Cameron and Tia. Tia is a literal ray of sunshine - from her yellow outfits, bubbly personality, and warm character. Cam is a strategy mastermind. They both are our fearless leaders - willing to share everything they have learned in the years leading to their success. I am so grateful for The Mastermind and what it’s done for me and my business!

The Mastermind has helped me grow my business in leaps & bounds.

- Brooke

This is for you if:

You have an established business but you're ready to take it to the next level

You're ready to grow your business into something more profitable, but you don't know how

You finally get the perfect inquiry and they book someone else
You're feeling lonely as a business owner and seeking a community for support
Your work and experience is worth more than what you are charging

You are eager to serve more ideal clients and want to get paid what you're worth

You want more time back to spend with friends and family and doing the things you love

Are you ready to create a thriving business that supports the life you've always dreamed of?

Get ready to deep dive into all of our strategies and systems that have allowed us to live a life full of flexibility and freedom

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July through November

5 months of virtual meetings, voxer access, and one on one coaching 

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Curriculum Calls

What's Included

During The Mastermind, all members will take part in curriculum calls. These calls will deep dive on topics like client relationships, financial organization and goals, networking connections, and more! Every call will alternate between a curriculum call and a hot seat call.

Hot Seat Calls

Every other week, we will have a group "hot seat" call. During these calls, 1 member of the group gets to ask questions and get feedback from all other members. This is your time to get as much value from the group as possible - ask anything you want! You have a well-curated group of like-minded, successful business owners at your fingertips. Each member will have two hot seats. 

Two 1-on-1 Coaching Calls

Each member of The Mastermind will receive 2 one-on-one coaching calls during The Mastermind period to get even more personalized coaching. One will be scheduled at the beginning of The Mastermind in July, and the other for the end of The Mastermind in November. Hop on with Cameron & Tia to work on your biggest struggles, alleviate pain points, and plan out your biggest dreams.

Online Community

All Mastermind members will be added into an online Slack channel for on-going support, encouragement and resources for the duration of The Mastermind. Cameron & Tia will also regularly be active in this group to answer questions and provide additional support. You can ask your peers for reviews of email templates, website pages, instagram posts and more. They can help you troubleshoot sticky client situations or just cheer you on for your latest win. 

Unlimited Personalized Coaching

Each member of The Mastermind will have UNLIMITED email and Voxer access to Cameron & Tia as their business coaches during The Mastermind. This includes answering any questions, editing and reviewing content, getting access to their resources and more. Think of us as your business' secret weapon in your back pocket! 

Portfolio & Social Review

Each member of The Mastermind will receive a full portfolio review and a full social media review from Cameron & Tia at the beginning and end of The Mastermind. Cameron & Tia will deep dive to troubleshoot, give advice, and up-level your online presence. After you've improved your online presence, we'll end The Mastermind with a final review.

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Maybe you are feeling stuck, or maybe you are just ready for intentional growth and need like-minded people to run the race with you...

With the Mastermind you get the creativity & connections that comes with a retreat, the individual push that comes with 1:1 coaching sessions all for 5 months of growing a business you LOVE.

what if you could...

share your ideas with friends who get it

have weekly calls for accountability & encouragement

have problem-solving coaching calls


I had such a blast being a part of The Mastermind! It was so amazing having accountability buddies in the industry who really got me and the different goals and struggles I had in my business. My favorite part was getting to learn from the guest speakers that Cameron & Tia brought in. Plus, having that time to really get to know the others in the mastermind really inspired me and got me excited about getting down to work to accomplish my goals.

I’m leaving the mastermind with new tools I can utilize to continue growing my business, and a group of awesome new industry friends who are working towards similar goals.

I would highly recommend this mastermind if you’re looking for that extra level of accountability and you’re ready to up-level your business!!

- Celisia

What will we be learning?

During the Curriculum Calls, we’ll dive deep into the following topics: 

client workflow

website & Portfolio guidance

time management

instagram marketing

financial organization & goals

Networking & leveraging connections

scaling & creating white space

inquiry, consultation, & booking strategies

How Much Is It?

let's break this down

only 10 slots available!

one payment of


5 monthly payments of


Early bird savings!

save $500 until June 15th!

weekly curriculum or hot seat calls

2 individual one hour coaching calls

unlimited email and voxer access to cameron & Tia

engaging slack channel & lifetime access to all call recordings



early bird savings!

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Take $500 off until June 15th with the Early Bird Rate!

Take $500 off until June 15th with the Early Bird Rate!

Take $500 off until June 15th with the Early Bird Rate!

Take $500 off until June 15th with the Early Bird Rate!

Take $500 off until June 15th with the Early Bird Rate!

Take $500 off until June 15th with the Early Bird Rate!

Optional Retreat

Let’s celebrate the growth you’ve worked for. Join us in Minneapolis, Minnesota with your fellow mastermind-ers to be hosted by Cameron & Tia. Retreat will include 2.5 days spent learning, implementing, and celebrating together and 2 nights at a hotel. You know Cameron & Tia love a good themed party, so expect fun activities, good food, and an amazing party! All meals, activities, transportation during the 2.5 days, and lodging are covered. Transportation to and from Minneapolis is up to you.

Want to end your mastermind season (and wedding season) with a bang?


You can add on at sign up or any time up until October 1st

"Whoa, that's really expensive..."

Dear Photographer,

Cameron & Tia here. We get it. This is a huge investment. But, we feel so confident in our teaching style, content, and the power of community, that we know that this will be worth it. If you just book one wedding with the material you learn in The Mastermind, you’ll make your investment back. This isn’t like buying the course or attending the workshop. This is hand-ons filled with accountability and support. You can’t set goals and walk away from them, because your Mastermind group will be holding you responsible for making your dreams happen. This is designed to be a high-level investment. We pride ourselves on being no-nonsense educators and we don’t take your investment lightly. In fact, our Mastermind members are our #1 priority. First thing in the morning, we’re responding to your Voxer messages to brainstorm, proofreading your tricky email replies, and supporting you through all the ups and downs of being a business owner. 

Cameron & Tia

We're Cameron & Tia

we help photographers build businesses & lives full of freedom & Creativy

Met in 2nd grade and became high school sweethearts

Ex-lawyer & ex-dance teacher turned business partners

Built a six-figure photography business

Live in Minneapolis, MN

Paw-rents to an adopted pup, Bella

Nice to meet ya!




How will i know if i made it in?

We will reach out over email to ask additional questions. If you're a great fit, we'll email you your acceptance. At that point, either you first monthly payment or your full payment will be due.



Do you accept a payment plan?

Yes! The Mastermind program can be paid for up front for the 5 months (save $500) or you can pay $675/month.



How does it work?

The current applications are for the July-November 2023 Mastermind. The program is application-only, and you will be notified if you are selected as a member of the group. 



How are you determining who is a good fit for the mastermind?

We will be choosing Mastermind members based on their current business goals and eagerness to be a part of this community. A large part of your Mastermind investment is in our ability to curate a well-rounded group of students, so we don't take that responsibility lightly. 



do I need to live in minnesota?

No, everything included in The Mastermind is virtual via Zoom or Slack. You can live anywhere and be a member. The only in person element is the retreat which is optional.



Do I really have direct access to Cameron & Tia?

Yes! You really do!! Unlimited emails and voxer access for the 5 months that you are in The Mastermind. We are here to help you fulfill alllll your biz dreams!

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