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You know the scenario: your inbox lights up with a notification. It’s a new wedding inquiry from a potential bride.everything about this couple sounds amazing. You reply back as fast as possible. then crickets.


My initial inquiry response went from blah to FIIIIIRE! I feel so much more confident that I am serving my clients from the inquiry stage, educating them, and laying out my services in the best possible light. Thank you guys so much!

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We photograph weddings, seniors, and families looking for an experience like no other. They aren't interested in the norm and want to blaze their own trail. We teach photographers how to cultivate an experience for their clients that in turn, creates a life they've always dreamed of, full of freedom and creativity.

We met in second grade at Jonathan elementary school. Sixteen years later, Cameron proposed to Tia at that same elementary school. From there, we took our dreams full-time as high school sweethearts turned business partners. We are all about decorating our new build, Goff HQ, exploring with our adopted mutt, Bella, and creating cozy cocktails to enjoy with friends and family.

high school sweethearts, photographers, and educators

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