What we didn't realize is that there was a much simpler way to manage all the admin tasks that came with running a business and it wasn't going to cost us a fortune or take months to set up and learn. Enter: Honeybook

When we first started out and went through an initial workflow process we found Honeybook. At the time, Honeybook was also a relatively new company, but it did everything we wanted (and more!) and we were excited about it growing with us. It has! And we’ve never looked back.

and how it changed the game

Why honeybook

Need a way to simplify your client experience? Grab a discount of 35% off your first year to try out Honeybook for yourself! 

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email tracking & Communication



Honeybook Features

that you can't live without!

HoneyBook enables you to effortlessly send contracts to clients and allows them to pay invoices directly through the platform. It even sends gentle reminders to clients who are late on payments, saving you time and ensuring a smooth financial process.

contract & Invoice management

Keep track of all your client interactions in one place! HoneyBook's email tracking feature organizes your conversations, making it easy to find important details and ensuring that no message slips through the cracks - even during the busiest of seasons!

It allows you to gather essential information from your clients without the back-and-forth emails. HoneyBook lets you send custom questionnaires to your clients, streamlining the process of gathering details for shoots, events, or sessions!


HoneyBook offers a comprehensive library of email templates that you can customize to suit your brand and communication style! These templates save you so much valuable time by automating repetitive tasks such as sending introductory emails, follow-ups, or thank you notes.

email templates
& automations


This is my favorite one!! It allows you to easily automate your client experience from start to finish with it's powerful and fully customizable workflows! Set up customized automation sequences that guide clients through each step of the process, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

workflows &

how do we use Honeybook?

Learn how we send invoices, collect payments, create community, craft workflows, save time, and SO much more!


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Project Tracking

You have end-to-end project tracking which was integral not just for our sanity but for when we brought on a team that helped me carry out each client experience. Everything for each client stored in one place, wow!

Why We Love Honeybook

Send In One Click

We were sick of going to the post office to mail out contracts and running to the bank to cash deposits and we'll be honest, my tracking system was SCARY and ARCHAIC. Now we can send and collect payments with one click. *Cha-Ching!*

Timed Communication

Timed communication, nuff said. Talk about a timesaver! Being able to create workflows with timed communication allowed me to not have to reinvent the wheel with every client (or set a million reminders in my phone!)

You can try Honeybook (and snag a discount)!

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customize your pipeline

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how to use automations

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Spoiler alert: it is.

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Need a way to simplify your client experience? Grab our templates AND a discount to try out Honeybook for yourself! 

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